Cantica Sanctorum

Cantica Sanctorum

Second Edition available June 2013!
This booklet is a short collection of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs for the glory of God and the edification of His saints. It contains a mix of canons, hymns, chants, and through-composed music which can help with establishing a beautiful and God-honoring liturgy in the church.

We have already discounted this item from the list price to make it easier for individuals to purchase the Cantica, but we may be able to offer churches purchasing larger quantities an even greater wholesale discount. Contact if you have any questions.

As new songs continue to become available, we will offer new editions of the Cantica Sanctorum so you can use them as soon as possible. See the list below for the songs in the most recent edition of the CS.

Psalm 1
Psalm 15
Psalm 19
Psalm 24
Psalm 24: Parts
Psalm 67
Psalm 67: Continuo
Psalm 70
Psalm 70: Parts
Psalm 117
Psalm 121
Psalm 123
Psalm 127
Psalm 131
Psalm 133
Psalm 134
Psalm 149
Psalm 150
The Beatitudes
As Water Falls
Lo, God, Our God
The Fear of the Lord
He Will Rejoice
Open to Me the Gates of Righteousness
The Fruit of the Spirit
Credo Canon